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I use a series of different products to rebuild the laminate.  It depends on the type of damage what I use and how I do it.

We currently only operate out of Townsville, as it is not cost-effective for us at this point in time to travel.

Unfortunately, no.  We do not provide products, we provide a service.

Cost is very variable.  The size and type of damage as well as the colour of laminate (as some colours are more difficult to match than others) will all factor into the cost.  In order for me to be able to provide you with a quote it is important that I see the actual damage or a high quality photo of it.

I use products of the highest quality and re-seal the finished repair.  It is able to withstand general/normal wear and tear.

It is variable upon the size of the damage, but anywhere from 1-8 hours.  The average is about 4 hours.

Yes, there will be some smell for a short period of time.  I recommend that small children and pregnant women not be present in the room when I am doing a repair.

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