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I have been a cabinet maker for over 15 years.  In the past, damaged laminate has always been a problem that has come up.  Either damages during the installation, building of the house by other tradies or the owner or renter accidentally doing an oopsie (using the top as a cutting board, putting a hot pot down, spilling bleach..the list goes on). I had always been told that damaged laminate cannot be repaired and this is the common held belief.  I have since found out THIS IS NOT TRUE and spent well over two years doing extensive research and trials and am now able to say that LAMINATE CAN BE REPAIRED.  Each cabinet maker/firm has a machine that cuts unique joins.  Cabinet maker A cannot match the join from cabinet maker B, so unless you know who made your tops you will need to replace them all, you can’t just replace the damaged section.  Since I repair…not replace, this isn’t an issue.

There are many benefits of having your benchtops repaired instead of replaced and these include;

  • Generally more cost effective
  • Faster turn around
  • Less mess
  • Does not alter the look of your kitchen (bathroom, laundry, office…)
  • Only me in your house (no cabinet maker, plumber, electicion, tiles, gas fitter)
  • Do not need to replace the ENTIRE kitchen

Some important information;

  • I primarily repair damage to laminate.  Burns, blisters, scratches, cuts, dents, bleach stains etc. Basically almost any damage to laminate.
  • My primary aim is for the aesthetics of the kitchen.  To maintain the original look, rather then needing to alter it by putting in a hot tile, cutting board, in bench bin, etc to hide the damage to your top. If you look for the repair you will most likely see it.  My goal is to be able to have someone walk though your kitchen who is unaware of the damage and not notice it.
  • I can also repair damage to chipped tiles and dented/scratched solid timber.

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